Le Gop! : Background


The Grand Orchestre Parisien was huge band created in the Neuilly sur Marne 1989 festival  but it was short-lived. In 1990 six musicians decided to continue the adventure - Le Gop! was born ! : 3 letters, 6 musicians.

  • Sébastien EGRELON : diatonic accordion,

  • Richard DILLY : bass,

  • Vincent LEUTREAU : 1st fiddle,

  • Michel LECAM : 2nd fiddle, electric guitar,

  • Jean-Luc GUENEAU : hurdy gurdy,

  • Olivier LE GALLO : drums.








JeanLuc Guillaume Eric Laurent Michel Olivier

Sébastien EGRELON soon had to leave the band because of travel : too bad !

In 1993, Philippe KRÜMM from the SILEX label, invited the 5 members of the band to record (at last!) their 1st CD .

In that year, Le Gop! began to play in France and in the UK.

In 1994, Richard DILLY ceded his place as bass player to Gérard LAVIGNE, who himself was replaced one year later by Éric RAILLARD.

In 1997, Vincent LEUTREAU gave up his place as 1st fiddle to Michel LECAM, who was then replaced by Philippe HUNSINGER at the electric guitar.

In 1999, this formation recorded the 2nd CD "Al" .

In 2002, Laurent KNOPF  replaced Philippe HUNSINGER on guitar.